2017 - A year of innovation at DueDil

The powerful new DueDil API

The powerful new DueDil API

The DueDil API enables businesses to automate many of their internal processes by providing fast, easy, programmatic access to comprehensive company data. From boosting webform completion rates, through automating AML and EDD checks, to streamlining credit decisioning processes, the DueDil API is the reliable and easy way to increase the efficiency of your business.

Check out this overview of the DueDil API to learn more.

Broader coverage with international company profiles

DueDil is the largest and richest source of private company information in the UK and Ireland. This year, we extended our company coverage to over 50 million companies, a big step toward our mission of becoming the world's largest source of private company information. We expanded our product to cover companies in the following countries:








Group Graph Group Graph Background

Navigate company ownership structures with ease

Group Ownership Graphs now reveal links to businesses around the world, with over five times as many companies covered than in previous versions. Using our powerful matching technology, we are able to link disparate datasets in order to create a unified view of the group.

In addition, we have added beneficial owners and matched them to company directors and shareholders in the UK so that you can identify and examine the people behind the businesses you're working with.

An intuitive Search UI for simpler prospecting

Our new interface for Advanced Search integrates with our list functionality and filters into clear categories. This allows for more specific filters and custom data columns to be added while maintaining clear navigation. Other improvements include boolean functionality, export to Salesforce.com and download as a CSV file.

Intuitive Search UI

The new standard in entity classification with LEIs

Earlier this year, DueDil incorporated Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) into its product offerings. LEIs are an open, global system of entity classification that enhances transparency in the global marketplace. LEIs align closely with our vision of creating a more informed and connected economy.

Find out more about how LEIs work and how you can register for your own.

KYB & KYC checks through a single integration

KYC for Business is an enhanced business verification service, delivered in partnership with Callcredit, a leading consumer information provider. This service streamlines vital checks on companies and the key directors and beneficiaries who run them through a single API integration. This enables users to meet regulatory and compliance standards, improve their onboarding processes and safeguard against risk. Check out our blog to learn more or tune into our on-demand webinar.

Comprehensive news functionality

Earlier this year the News & Social tab was redesigned to surface more articles relevant to each company, while providing greater detail on the information source and giving you greater control over the types of articles present.

Interactive list reports

Interactive list reports to map your whitespace

With the launch of interactive list reports, it is now easy to identify trends, spot outliers and better understand any list of companies. Interactive List Reports offer a unique way of mapping whitespace and identifying new prospects with a click of a button.

You can find more information on how you and your business can use them here.

Compliant onboarding with PEPs and Sanctions

Businesses use DueDil to expedite compliant onboarding of new customers for KYC and AML, while ensuring confidence in the regulatory assessment of a counterparty. This extends to conducting checks for PEPs, Sanctions & Adverse Media globally -- all made simple with the DueDil web platform or the DueDil API.
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PEPs and Sanctions PEPs and Sanctions Tab

New search filters to refine your search even further

Along with upgrading our search user interface, DueDil has released dozens of new search filters in 2017. Some of these filters capitalise on new datasets that have been incorporated this year, while others introduce new functionality that makes it easier to identify new prospects, analyse lists of customers and cross-reference multiple lists.

Find out more about the filters and data types available on DueDil.